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Academic Expeditions customizes each itinerary to your goals and desires, but it may help you to see some of our typical itineraries as you seek to strategize your own.  You might be a teacher planning your first trip or even a veteran teacher just looking to add variety to a trip you already do year to year.  This page will help you understand some of your options in combining multi-city destinations in a single trip.  If you are merely wondering what site options are available within a certain destination, please visit our Destinations page for site specifics.
The historic cities and sites of the Eastern US are not only our most popular destinations for school groups, but near enough to each other to permit a lot of variation from one itinerary to the next.  Washington DC, as our nation’s capital, tends to be the hub from which most itineraries revolve around, and most groups do choose to make room to visit other destinations outside of DC.  Here are some of the typical thematic itineraries that are popular among groups:
  • Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Washington DC (5-6 days)  -  There’s a good reason this is such a popular combo trip for school groups:  you start where our nation started at Jamestown and journey up to Independence at Williamsburg in a quaint, hands-on setting, then move on to the fast paced bustle of majestic and modern DC.
  • Philadelphia and Washington DC (5-6 days)  -  This trip not only covers the themes of Independence but you go where it actually happened in Philadelphia.  More authentic, but less hands-on than Williamsburg.  Finish off in DC for a tour of our entire history.
  • US History and Civil War (4-5 days)  -  Based out of Washington DC where the whole scope of US history is covered, several Civil War battlefields are easy day trips, none more popular and impacting than Gettysburg, but consider also Antietam, Harper’s Ferry, or Manassas.
  • Washington, DC and New York City (6 days)  -  This great trip makes room for both extremes of education and entertainment.  Start in our orderly and manicured capital to appreciate and honor our liberties, then celebrate those liberties in the eclectic “Capital of the World”.  Add another day to include Philadelphia or Gettysburg en route.
  • Washington, DC, New York City, & Boston (7-8 days)  -  This trip covers nearly the whole spectrum of our US History, past and present.  Driving times are more significant.  Add another day to include Philadelphia or Gettysburg en route.
Other cities that can be added en route to the itineraries above.  Depending the timing of the rest of the itinerary, these may or may not require an additional day:
  • Norfolk, VA (Harbor and Maritime museum)
  • Richmond, VA (Pamplin Park,  St. John’s Church, VA Capitol)
  • Charlottesville, VA (Monticello, UVA)
  • Baltimore, MD (Fort McHenry, Inner Harbor)
  • Annapolis, MD (Naval Academy)
  • Lancaster, PA (Amish Country)
  • Valley Forge, PA (Continental Army Encampment)
  • West Point, NY (Army Academy)
  • Sturbridge Village, MA (1800’s American village)
  • Salem, MA (Martime history, Witch history)
By their nature, these trips tend to flow in a fairly standard order, and their remoteness provides less options for combining with other destinations.  The limited variables on these trips tend to be which activities to choose from within that destination, and we will help navigate those as you plan your trip.
Whether it be Europe or Latin America, the variables are too numerous to attempt a summary here.  Geography will be your deciding factor, and a simple review of a continental map will quickly reveal what is more or less feasible in a single itinerary.  Multi-national borders themselves are not complicated or time-consuming to cross, unless that border is a sea or imposing mountain range, or the capitol cities are on opposing reaches of that border.  In general, it will be more practical to stay within one country, such as the UK, Italy or Peru and enjoy the wealth of sites contained within its borders.  But if you don’t mind hopping around and your schedule is generous enough to permit a multi-country highlight tour, we can certainly help arrange that.

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